4 Facts No One Knows About Persian Cats

Anyone who pet Persian cats maybe have fell for their charms. Yeah, Persian cats are somehow mysterious and fancy looks which lead to many questions. Here, there are 4 facts no one knows about Persian cats, so you can learn more about this cutie pets.

The Oldest Cat Breed

Maybe one of facts that no one knows about Persian cats is their long origin. As stated in their name, Persian cat’s country origin is Persia (Iran). Although it’s hard to search their exact origin, but some studies from hieroglyphic references reveal that the exact beginning of Persian cats is 1684 B.C. Some also says that Persian cats brought by Pietro Della Valle from Persia to Italy in 1620s. Later, Persian cats first registered in Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in 1871. Therefore, this shows a long journey of Persian cats.

Not All Persian Cats Are Flat Nosed

Believe it or not, but Persian cats are originally not a flat nosed breed. Traditional Persian, believed as the original breed of Persian cats, called as doll face Persian. Why? They have pointy nose which not as squish as modern Persian cats now days. It is influenced by brachycephalic mutation occurred during World War II. The mutation results lead to create the modern pushed faces Persian cats.

Top Cats of the World

After Persian Cats brought to Europe, it becomes very popular. In 1871, Persian cats debut in the first cat show in the world at Crystal Palace, London. It won the ‘Best in Show’ award after drew attention of thousand visitors. Later, Persian cats brought to United States in 1895 and registered by CFA America in 1906. Then, it becomes the most popular cat in U.S and rest of the world. Some popular figures in the world have owned Persian cats such as Merlyn Monroe and Florence Nightingale.

Persian Cats Unique Personality

You can call Persian cats as ‘sleeping beauty.’ They are known for very lazy and love to lots of sleep. But sometimes they will turn very playful and lovable when you play with them. You also don’t need to worry if this cat will mess with your home. Persian cats are very good-mannered because they are calm and un-hyperactive cats. So, this cat is very good choice for your home companion.

Now, you have known about facts no one knows about Persian cats. Beside their unique characteristics, Persian cats turn out to have a great record. You will consider Persian cats as your next pet, won’t you?

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