As Big As Teacup – The Smallest Persian Cats

The common Persian cats are big, aren’t they? How about change your taste to small size Persian or called as Teacup Persian cats? Now, you can find everywhere Teacup Persian cat for sale which not less cute than the origin breed of Persian.

What is Teacup Persian Cats?

Teacup Persian cats are the mini-size of Persian cats. Borrowed the terms of dog fancy, the generic term of teacup here is to describe the cat’s grow until maturity (1 years old) don’t reach ten pounds. The term tea cup is usually used on Internet to attract the attention of buyers. Well, you can’t actually say that the size of this kitten is same as tea cup. It is only the general public believes that the kitten will fit into the tea cup or your palm hand.

Size Comparison

In the size comparison, Teacup Persian cats is almost less half than the regular Persian cats. One-year Persian cat weight is about 12-17 pounds. Toy Persian cat weight is about 8-10 pounds. But Teacup Persian cat weight is only about 3-7.5 pounds. This is why they called as the mini-size of Persian cats.

Kind of Teacup Persian Cats for Sale

There are two kinds of Teacup Persian, Minipers and Minipaws. Minipers are the crossbreeding between Persian and Exotic cats. It is developed by Cher Simnitt from California. Minipers are the primordial dwarves of Persian cats, just a little bit smaller than regular Persian cats. The Minipaws are the hybrid breed that brings genes of achondroplastic and primordial dwarves of Persian cats. They are the smallest and have shortened legs.

Getting smaller the Teacup Persian then the price will higher. In the market research, the male Miniper Teacup of 4-6 pounds will cost $1,400 while the female cost $1,600. A micro male Miniper of 4-5 pounds will cost about $2,000 while the female cost $2,200. The male Minipaw Teacup of 5-6 pounds will cost $1,400 while the female cost $1,600. Then the micro males Minipaw cost $2,000, but the white one with 3.5-4 pounds cost higher with $2,200. Before pay for your Teacup, make sure your Teacup health. Because the repetitive inbreeding will cause the really small body of kitten so they can’t grow up fully.

How do you think? Are you interested to take this cutest and smallest cat into your home? They will be the best companion in your home. You can find them easily because Teacup Persian cat for sale is a hot item online or offline.

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