Exotic Shorthair, a New Version of Persian Cats

Is there any short hair Persian cat? You might always think that all Persian cats are long-haired cats. Actually in Persian family class, there are short-haired Persian cats or well-known as Exotic Shorthair cats. What are their characteristics?

History of Short-Haired Persian Cats

In 1950s, the first development of Persian cats crossbreeding started with American shorthair. The controversial purpose is to bring the silver hair and green eyes to American shorthair cats. But the good result of crossbreeding approved by Cat Fanciers Association in 1966 and named as Exotic Shorthair. Until 1987, the only allowed cross breeding is Persian cats. The success then continued with other crossbreeding with Russian blue and Burmese. Exotic Shorthair cats have the same features and personality with Persian but the only difference is their short coat.

Outer Appearance

As it is a short hair Persian cat, Exotic Shorthair has short hair but longer and fluffier than original other shorthaired cats. It also has a flat face with broad-short nose and large eyes. Their color of eyes comes in varieties such as gold to copper, green and blue. They also still inherited the short body but with shorter tail. Their body comes in medium size with 7-12 pounds of weight.

Inner Personality

Exotic Shorthair inherited most of Persian cat personality. They are sweet and quiet, but don’t get fooled easily, this cat can be more active than Persian. They love to jump around and play well with you only by small entertains. They will waiting patiently for your attention or call you with their soft and musical voice for some plays. But when you are busy enough, they also can play well by their own toys such as catnip mouse or feathers. So, this cat is suit for active family especially kids even friendly dog.

Easy to Care

Unlike Persian cats, Exotic Shorthair only needs a fewer maintenance. Since their fur is shorter, to keep the fur tidiness, you only need to brush and comb their fur twice a week. It is done to remove the loose hair and shedding. One thing to remember is Exotic Shorthair carry Persian health problem, so you need to take care of their health. They can get health problem such as breathing difficulty, eyes problems, and excessive tearing, etc.

Exotic Shorthair or Short hair Persian cat isn’t less famous than Persian cats. Their playfulness and easy to care characteristics maybe become the factors why people come to choose them as pet.

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