Grey Persian Cat


Grey Persian cat is the name for Persian cat which has grey hair. This cat isbreeding of cat with long hair, short legs, and round flat face. Most people called the cat is Himalaya Persian cat. When heard the name, Himalaya, it’s not the name of a mountain in Nepal, but that’s the term of the Persian cat. This cat came from America and being called for the first time Colourprint Persian. The grey Persian cat is interracial crossbreeding between Persian with Siamese race.Siamese is oriental type of cat in the world. He is the ancestry of Asian cat, especially known in Thailand. Siamese is slender, thin and the hair is grey, dense, and long.  So this cross-breeding created the color grey, and long hair on that cat. Theunique thing on the cat is the color of the eyes, blue, and the hair has color pattern point. This crossbreeding creates a new species of cat which has long hair between Persia and Siamese.

The history of grey Persian cat has already existed since million years ago. But he became popular in Europe in 1950’s. But for the first time, the Persian cat came from Iran and spread to Italy by Pietro Della Valle. This cat became the symbol to differ the social class in Victoria times. He became the most popular and valuable pet.

This cat tends to have blue eyes, round face, and short legs. His short legs make him difficult to jump. But in the other hand, this cat is slender, slim. There are two types of this cat. The first is ‘traditional type’ or ‘doll face’. And the second is ‘ultra face’. The type of ‘ultra face’ cat is the flat nose. There are several variants color of the Persian cat, including seal point (blackish-brown), lilac point (gray-brown), blue point (grey), cream, red flame point (beige- red) and brown.

They love spend their whole time to play with the things surround them like paper, rope, or mirror. They tend to love and protect. So, no wonder to stroke the cat as well.

Brushing the hair everyday, washing the face can be the best way to care them. Not only clean the cat but clean the cage, check the room temperature, do grooming regulative, and take care the clean of the eyes, ears, teeth and nails. Because most of the grey Persian cat has long and dense hair, so he needs more care.

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