How to Choose Persian Cats for Adoption

Do you want to have a Persian cat as a pet? When you come to pet store, you might find a situation when you are confused how to choose the right Persian cats for adoption. To avoid that situation read this tips, so you won’t bring the wrong cats to your home.

Check the Pedigree

Before you want to choose Persian cats for adoption, you need to check the pedigree record. You surely want a Purebred Persian as your pet, not a local long-haired cat which looked like a Persian. Purebred Persian here is a cat whose has a same breed over its 3 generation. You need to see their parent of kitten you want to adopt whether they have the match pedigree or not. Some care breeders who don’t give pedigree are not trustworthy. You can get tricked by buying an unknown breed of the cats.

Choose the Cats Characteristics

You need to consider Persian cat personality and appearance to your taste. You need to know that the personality of Persian is calm, gentle, and not hyperactive. They like to spend their time with lots of sleep. The one year or above Persian cats is suit for a calm family. They also fit for cat breeder purpose. But if you look for an active Persian cat to play along, you can choose under one year Persian kitten.

Next is the appearance of the Persian cats, their fur and eyes. In choosing the cat’s looks, it depends on your own taste. Persian cats come in six divisions, so you will have a lot of option. There are Solid Color, Particolor, Bicolor, Tabby, Shaded and Smoke, Silver and Golden, also Himalayan Persian. The eyes color are gold to copper, green or blue.

Check Their Health

Another important thing to check before buying is the cat’s health. Make sure your Persian cat is healthy from any outer and inner health problem. First, check the outer part like fur in the entire body. Check if there is mushroom or fungus in the fur and skin or not. Check the cat has scar or not in the skin, if yes they can be suffer from skin disease. Next, check the cleanness of the ear and teeth. Ask for the cat’s vaccination book, to check if the cat has been getting vaccine. You need to be careful because the disease can be transmitted to human later. You don’t want to end up get sick from your lovely pet, right?

After follow this tips, you already know how to choose Persian cats for adoption. Now, you can bring home the right Persian cats without any doubt and regret.

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