More about Persians: How long do Persian Cats Live?

How long do Persian cats live? People believe that this cat can live for at least 12,5 years. Some say that this cat can live for 15 years. Persian is different from most domestic purebred cats we find. The life expectancy for this cat is longer than the domestic cats. In North America, Persian is popular. And now you can find it also in Asia. Most of cats that join in a contest are coming from this type.

The Origins

Persian itself is coming in two types, the traditional one and the show one. The traditional one is sometimes called the Doll Face. It has normal-length nose which gives it sweet expression, while the show one has flat nose with thick fur and small ears. They also have short body and short leg which makes them look fluffy. Both of these types have same personality and patterns of fur.

Its Personality

This kind of cat is gentle. They are classified as a quiet cat, and also an “indoor” cat. They are not athletic. They prefer to sit or to sleep on a sofa, on rugs, near the fireplace, or even on your bookcase. Children can play with this cat easily. Yet, gentle treatment and touch are required if you want to play with this cat. They do not move as much as other athletic cats. They sometimes greet people with their quiet meow, and with the sharp eyes they have. It is the characteristic of this cat. If you travel for several days and want to leave your cat alone, put them in a familiar place. Do not put them in a strange place for it can make them become stress.

The Cat’s Health

15 years is the average life-expectancy of this cat. Yes, you can widen the chance of living for this cat by doing several things and knowing well what disease may be experienced by this kind of cat. Keep your Persian indoor, they are not an “outdoor” cat. This is done to prevent those getting parasites. The common disease happen is the Idiopathic seborrhea that makes the cats has overabundance of skin oil. This makes them having badly smell. Help the cats to have a chance of living longer by making sure that the living space is away from risk, like dogs or traffic. Keeping it living in a clean environment with clean food and water are the simple way you can do. These are what we can do to longer how long do Persian cats live.

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