Persian Cats Personality You Need to Know

Do you know about Persian cats? Do you want to have them as your pet? Everyone who owned Persian cats as their pet maybe choose them not only because of the looks but also Persian cat personality.

Good Mannered Kitty

You may often see on televise programs or commercials, the appearance of Persian cats. Yeah, they are not only casted due to their luxury and unique looks, but also their good mannered personality. Persian cats personality is calm, gentle, sweet, and not hyperactive cats. Persian cats have mellow voices which suit with their appearance. They suit in the quiet environment, but in right care they can also easily adapt to new noisy environment. In other words, they will be a really good your home companion.

Home Sleeping Beauty

Persian cats are known love to lying around and spend most of their daily time to sleep. That’s why you can call them as home sleeping beauty. They usually wake up only to have some meals or peeping. But, you might wonder why they sleep so much? This sleeping habit comes to nutritional habits and physiology of cats. Cats are usually night creatures which hunt to get meals, so by sleeping they can save their energy between meals. So, Persian cats can be living home furniture with fur.

Annoyance Behaviors?

In some cases, cat owners reported that their Persian cats start to jump around on table or counter and noisy meowing. Don’t need to worry, it is a sign that they seek for your attention. Instead of spending their time only with sleeping, they also love to play. You need to take at least 15 minutes a day from your busy time to play with them. Only by using a long feather or strings, they will feel happy and help to burn their energy. Another reason is cats start to vocal when they feel hungry or thirsty. You need also to check their bowl because you might forget to feel their meal.

Persian Cats Can be Shy

Surprisingly, Persian cats sometimes can turn to be shy and reclusive. It is might happened when they are in the noisy and disruption environment, especially home with kids. The ideal environment for Persian cats is quiet and calm as their personality. But if the home is lousy, they will choose to hide and take some distance from kids. So, it will take more times for them to be close with kids.

By looking at Persian cats personality, you know why they are the most popular cats breed as pet, right? They can be the best companion to complete your home living.

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