Picture of Persian Cat


The picture of Persian cat is actually unknown. Some said,Persian cat is known as the oldest cat race. Some sources said that Persian cat appeared in Italy, even in Uncle Sam, America. But most sources said that it’s from Persia, a country which known now as Iran and Turkey. Persian cat is very popular because it has attractive part on it. Generally, Persian cat has their characteristic. The head is round and the face is flat. The leg is short but strong. The hair is long, thick, and shiny. And the most special characteristic of Persian cat is the hair color like solid color (one color), silver and gold, shaded and smoke (the color like copper), tabbies (lines, dots, pattern), parti-color, bicolor, and himalayan (cross breeding between Persian cat and Siamese cat).

The Persian cat has several types, they are:

  1. Medium Persian Cat

Perhaps some people confused with “Medium Persian Cat”. This term appear in some countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand to call the Persian cat which has different physical appearance than the original Persian cat. The medium Persian cat has sharp nose and sometimes the cat has short or even long hair. The body of the medium Persian cat is longer than the other Persian cat.

  1. Himalaya Persian Cat

Himalaya Persian Cat is interracial crossbreeding between Persian with Siamese race. This cat has typical characteristic, fat and flat nose it’s about 4-6kg. The hair is quite long, thick, smooth, and soft. It’s easy to differ with another Persian cat. Himalaya cat has black hair on his feet, ears, and eyes. But the body is white or sometimes grey.

  1. Flatnose Persian Cat

The third type is Flatnose Persian. There is no wonder why this cat is called. The Flatnose Persian has a very flat nose. He has round face. It has the body fat and relatively round.

  1. Peaknose Persian Cat

Peaknose Persian is the most flat nose than Flastnose Persian or Himalaya Persian. He is the most popular cat in Indonesia. Even, people very often held cat contest of Peaknose Persian. Peaknose Persian is little different with Flatnose Persian. Peaknose Persian has very flat nose even sticking with his face than the Flatnose.

Basically the typical of Persian cat is on the thick hair and the flat nose. There’s no difficulties to define the picture of Persian cat to another kind of cat.

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