The Elegant Short Haired Persian Cat

If you are one of the biggest fans of the Persian Cats, then you should meet the elegant short haired Persian cat. This cat is known to have a face like a cute teddy bear doll. It is big and large. It has a cute round face. Its eyes are expressive and it has the elegant short haired that will fascinated you at once. Many people only know that the elegant short haired cat is only the replica of the ordinary Persian cat. However, there are some facts about this elegant cat that you need to know before you have them in your house.

A Short Haired Persian cat has the Long Coat

Since it is identically the same as the ordinary Persian cat, it differences is only in the long coat. This elegant cat seems to have more hair than the ordinary short haired cat. Because of this, this cat also sheds more hair than the ordinary cat. Therefore, to deal with this problem, it is suggested for you to brush its coat every week. But for those that have the cat with the flat Persian face, it is recommended that you brush the hair every day. Do not forget also to clean the eyes and the nose in order to keep it in a healthy perfect condition.

The Short Haired Persian cat Likes to Play

Every cat likes to play but different with the short haired Persian cat. Its adventurous soul is the legacy of the Persian cat character that cannot be erased. It likes to play more than the other kinds of cat. It is very cute and sweet. It will make the life of the owner colorful since the presence of this cat will give more joy and happiness to the owner. Therefore, if you have no friends to play, then you can consider having this kind of cat in your house.

The Short Haired Persian cat is A Quiet and Loyal Friend

Not like the other ordinary pets who like seeking attention from the owner, this short haired Persian cat is considered a quiet cat. So, if you are tired having a talkative pet that will make sound every time you ignore them, then you should have this cat. It does not mean that this cat is okay to be ignored, but this cat just does not like to talk much. Beside that, it likes having strong relationship with the owner instead of close with everybody at home. It tends to get close only with one person and its value the relationship by treating the owner different with the other people. Therefore, if need a loyal and a pet friend that will listen to all of your words, then definitely having a short haired Persian cat is the best thing that you need to do.

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