The Price of Persian Cat


How much of Persian cat depends on the type of the cat. Many people don’t know the price of the cat which comes from Iran.Sometimes, people are confusing by the various names and the price of the Persian cat. For example Persian cat peaknose, Persian cat medium, Persian cat Himalaya, etc. have  many types and names.

Medium Persian cat is the most popular in common people because this cat is relatively cheap than the other various cat. It can be seen on the shapeof the nose. The medium Persian cat has little sharp nose. The point to see who expensive the Persian cat is how flat the nose is. The price for the medium Persian cat is about 700-900 thousand rupiah.

The Himalaya is little bit expensive than the medium one. Even though Himalaya is expensive but cat lovers never stop to hunt this cat because of the color characteristic on the legs, eyes, and tail. Those different characteristic impressed the cat lovers. The range price for the baby Himalaya is 800-1.5 million rupiah. For 2-3 year old Himalaya Persian cat is about 1.5 million.

Recently, Flatnose Persian cat is interested and impressed some people. The flat nose makes this cat more expensive than Himalaya and Medium Persian cat. Besideshaving flat nose, this cat has round face and shiny and soft hair. Buying Flatnose Persian cat needs 1.5 until 2.0 million rupiah.

And the most expensive Persian cat is Peaknose Persian cat. The price reaches 3 up to 5 million rupiah. Cat lovers are crazy about the flat nose, the obese body, the ball face, and the silky hair. so, it’s not surprising to know that this cat is high price. Peaknose is often taken in cat competition. That makes the cat more expensive.

How expensive of Persian cat is determined by the buyer and the 4 main factors. The health of the cat is the first factor. If the cat is healthy and clean, the price must be higher than the unhealthy one. The second factor is age. The baby Persian cat is cheaper than the adult one. Next is the types of the Persian cat can be the important factor, whether it’s Medium, Himalaya, Flatnose or Peaknose Persian cat; the last is race / generation of the cat itself. The crossbreeding of the two types of cats can be the indicator for how much the Persian cat is.

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