The Tiny And Cute Teacup Persians Cats

Probably you are wonder what the teacup Persian cats are. What are the differences between the ordinary Persians cats and the teacup Persian cups? Well, first you can take a look from its name. If you know a teacup, then you will understand why this cat is being named a teacup cat. A teacup is only just a few centimeters tall. It is even smaller than our hands. Since this type of cat is really small in size, especially the kitten that is only as big as a teacup, therefore this type of cat is given name a teacup cat. Do you know that they only weight for about 5 pounds?

The Size of the Teacup Persian Cats

The ordinary Persian cats weigh for about 15 pounds when they are adult. Different with the teacup Persian cats that only weigh for about 5 pounds, even sometimes their weight are smaller. The female teacup Persian cats weigh for about 7 pounds; meanwhile the male teacup Persian cats weigh for about 9 pounds or sometimes less than that. Therefore, if you are looking for a smaller size of cat than you can put your attention more on this tiny and cute little cat. Its appearance has not many differences than the ordinary Persian cats. What makes them different from the ordinary Persian cats is only the smaller size.

How to Take Care the Teacup Persian Cats

As we have discussed before, that the teacup Persian cats are quite tiny or small, it means you should be more careful when you are dealing with them. Since your hands probably are bigger than them, then you should be careful when you touch or hold them. Do not touch them quite hard because it can hurt tiny teacup Persian cats. You can treat them just the way you treat the ordinary Persian cats such as bath them, feed them, brush them, and clean their eyes. Just one thing that you need to remember, small means fragile. Therefore, you should be more careful even when you are playing with them.

The Price of the Teacup Persian Cats

Teacup Persian cats are the result of the long generation breeding after fail for several times. Since they are still considered rare and not many people have them, so the price of these cats could be more expensive than the ordinary cats. When you are dealing with the tiny, unique, and cute teacup Persian cats, you will not be able to stop to put your heart on them and wan to have them immediately. Therefore, before you have them, you should consider about how you will treat them with their small size and is it worth enough with the money that you will spend. In the end, the teacup Persian cats are one of the best pet that you must have.

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